Audio-Video Design in Wilmington

Just like a professional musician knows how to tune their instrument in their sleep, our team knows how to create entertainment systems that rock. Everything from the number of speakers to the angle of the TV to the placement of control systems affects your experience. At The Audio Lab, there is nothing we enjoy more than creating mind-blowing experiences for our customers.

Why do you need professional design services?

Think about how noises sound different in each room of your house. It carries through your open concept living area, but it’s barely noticeable in your secluded back office. It reflects off your hardwood kitchen floors but absorbs into your basement’s carpet. Each home is uniquely affected by noise, and it takes a keen eye and ear to know what your space needs.

Our experts can create a music room that sounds like you’re in the front row, a home theater that feels like you’re at the theater, a living room that has a bit more life to it. Sounds good, right?

Our Design Process

1. Consultation

We like to start by getting to know you and your space. Then, while we are learning your wants and wishes and your space’s limit and potential, we’ll share our expert knowledge on audio-video systems and start putting together a solution.

2. Design

Based on our consultation, we’ll start bringing together the best equipment for your budget. Whether you need TVs, projectors, speakers, furniture, or all of the above, we’ll plan every detail. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and think of all the great things to come.

3. Installation

With care and precision, our team will install each and every piece of equipment to the exact specifications of their design. Then, they’ll provide in-depth tutorials so your new system can function at its highest level.