Enhance your outdoor areas with a beautiful landscape audio package

You don’t spend all of your time indoors, so why should your entertainment system be confined there? The Audio Lab can help you create an expansive entertainment space with high-quality and high-aesthetic landscape speakers that will blend into your current landscape design. So whatever brings you to the great outdoors—entertaining, grilling out, gardening, relaxing, or just enjoying some fresh air, your favorite music can come with you. And with the amazing coastal climate that this area offers year-round, you’ll undoubtedly get a lot of use out of an outdoor sound system.

The Audio Lab works with high-end, landscape audio specialists, Klipsch and Coastal Source. They are designed and built to withstand the coastal elements. Both offer crystal clear sound quality that can cover large areas but sound just as smooth when standing close. Their subtle and modern designs blend beautifully into your landscape, so there’s no need to worry about any eyesores.

Landscape Audio Products

Coastal Source Line Source Bollards

Coastal Source 3-Way Ellipse Bollards

Coastal Source 2-Way Ellipse Bollards

Klipsch PRO-650T-LS

Klipsch PRO-12SW-LS

Klipsch PRO-18-GS