Set the Mood with Motorized Shades

Indoor shades can complement your design and increase the function of each room in your home. Sunscreen, Light Filtering, and Room Darkening shade options provide something for every setting, whether you are looking to enhance an entertainment space or want to have more control over the natural light you let in. High-quality indoor shades can also help reduce your energy bill by minimizing unwanted solar heat entering your home.

Expand Your Livable Space

One of the latest trends hitting outdoor spaces near you is exterior shades. As the first décor-minded shading solution, the Zen® 2 provides an elegant touch while turning your porch, deck, or patio into a higher-functioning living space. Block out the wind and sun and let in the excitement of an extending living area with a sophisticated motorized shading system.

At The Audio Lab, we can install top-notch interior Nano and exterior Zen® 2 shades. There are a number of fabric and motor styles to choose from, depending on the design and build of your home. Motorized shades can be easily incorporated into smart systems for easy control and a luxury look.

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