Enhance aesthetics. Enhance safety.

Imagine pulling up to your home and seeing it nicely lit. It has great curb appeal, but it also gives you a sense of relief and comfort, knowing you’ll be able to find your way inside easily. Outdoor low-voltage lighting adds a certain ambiance to your home’s exterior and this extra element of safety. Plus, it helps create more livable areas to enjoy outside of your home. You’ve put a lot of time, money, and effort into making your house a home, so why not enjoy as much as you can of it?

The Audio Lab works with two different brands of low-voltage outdoor lighting, Coastal Source and Volt. Both offer various options so you can light up all areas—steps, pathways, awnings, entryways, and much more.

Outdoor Lighting Products

Coastal Source FLEX Niche Lights

Coastal Source Bullet Lights

Coastal Source Path Lights

VOLT® G4 Infiniti™

VOLT® Cast Brass Round Wall Wash

VOLT® Max Spread Brass Path & Area Light