Take Control w/ Total Control

Smart home technology isn’t a thing of the future. It’s here now, and, yes, it’s as cool as everyone thought it would be. With a Universal Remote Control system, you can create an entire entertainment ecosystem in your home. Lighting, multi-room audio, motorized shades, security systems, and thermostats can all be integrated and controlled with a few simple touches. And you can monitor them from anywhere. You can check security systems while away on vacation, adjust the temperature on your way home from work, or turn off a forgotten light. Cool right?

The Audio Lab is here to help give you total control of your home, even when you’re away. We can install URC’s Total Control line of premium products throughout your space or in a single room, designed in a way that fits your wants and needs.

URC’s Total Control Products

User Interface TKP-8600

Premier System Controller MRX-30

Distributed High Definition Audio HDA-130

Sensor Extender MRX-4SEN2

User Interface TDC-9100

Lighting Gateway TRF-ZW10