Audio & Video Wiring in Wilmington

When you think of a world-class entertainment system, what comes to mind? TV screens the size of your wall?

Speakers that highlight each note? We think those things are pretty great too, but if there is one thing that makes a home’s audio and video truly stand out, it’s the wiring.

With a properly wired home, your entertainment options become endless.

Whether you need to make updates to a current system or start from scratch with a new build, The Audio Lab can help ensure your home’s wiring is top-notch.

What is prewiring?

Prewiring a house ensures that your audio equipment (i.e., speakers) are in places that not only cover the space but enhance the overall audio experience. It also entails wiring for both cable, satellite, internet, and phone in convenient and functional locations. With all new systems being internet-based, proper distribution of WiFi signal and network is imperative. At The Audio Lab, we can do this all for you in the “prewire,” which refers to wiring while a home is being constructed.

Why is prewiring important?

Even if you don’t plan on putting an extensive audio and video system in at this time, prewiring your home gives you the option to do so in the future. Once the drywall and decorations go up, running new wire can be very expensive.